Learn About the Woman Suffrage Movement

A Message from First Lady Maria Lee

Woman Suffrage Timeline

We have compiled an extensive timeline of the events that led to Woman Suffrage in the United States, and Tennesse.

Tennessee and the 19th Amendment for Woman Suffrage

On August 18, 1920, Tennessee brought victory to the 72-year-long struggle to gain women the right to vote. Read the story of how it came about.

Historical Background

Woman’s Suffrage Centennial Coin

It took one hundred years
for a coin to appear
women without fear
marched far and near
so we could get to here.
God, they marched on.
A coin meant to be spent,
but it will never dent
the spirit in their soul.
These women braving
holding banners waving
for rights we now behold.
God, they marched on.
Bruised hands and blistered feet
took to the street,
though they were cursed
they knew that they must
march and carry on.
God, they marched on.
The State House tied, a mama cried
sent a note to her son,
break the tie, please vote aye
then the deed was done.
Tennessee set women free
to vote their choice,
they marched with hope
to polls to vote
they finally had a voice.
Promises kept,
we follow their steps
to keep our voices heard,
we sing their song and carry on
we will not be deterred.
To street from our porch,
we carry their torch.
Race or creed we’ll meet their need
women will lead, so take heed.
Arm in arm we will link;
women are America’s strength.
We will march on and on and on.
Margaret Britton Vaughn
Poet Laureate of Tennessee